Industrial packagings

Wooden packagings are very instrumental in the management of the logistics, giving the possibility of realising optimum solutions, which can be custom-made for any need.

Wood combines today in a well-balanced way the features both of traditions and of evolution, remaining the noble raw material which we know but eco-friendly managed, through certified production chains, with the due respect that it deserves.

It is therefore possible to manufacture basic articles for the packaging and advanced containers, perform the packing of small customised objects or package huge industrial machineries.

OVERPACK specialists, thanks to their decade of experience in the field and to the most refined specific softwares, are able to satisfy any requirement, from the planning development to the closure of the packaging, up to the management of the most delicate and precious artworks.

Our technicians are at your disposal in order to develop the project which can be most suitable to your shipment.

All our wooden packagings comply with ISPM15-FAO Phytosanitary Standard.

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Dimensions mm: 980x580x380
Tare weight Kg: 16,50

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Dimensions mm: 780x380x380
Tare weight Kg: 11,00

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Description: Lid
Dimensions mm: 1200x800

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Dimensions mm: 1200x800
Capacity Kg: 1000

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Dimensions mm: 800x600
Capacity Kg: 500

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