About Us

OVERPACK is a leading Company in the field of the packaging, in particular for the Dangerous Goods.
Our Company arises from decades of experience of qualified experts with the aim of solving the problems concerning the world of logistics and transport.
The high specialized proficiency and the distinguishing everyday attention to the improvement of the specifications allow our technical team to always provide fast, clear and confident answers.
OVERPACK is able to satisfy any need of logistic management, above all concerning the Dangerous Goods Packaging for the Dangerous Goods and the Industrial Packaging.

The concept of “Research and Development” represents the foundation of our professional action, the solutions which we propose are the result of a careful selection among the most innovative and well-performing instruments and materials, not only in the field of the packaging.
It is for us essential to regularly analyze the aspects concerning the Security, the Protection and the Value: the innovative technological motivation that projects us towards the future runs into the attention that we pay to the human relationships, tied to the tradition of the past, and with the sincere ethical understanding of the respect for the environment which surrounds us.
Clients are always at the center of our attention and the relationship which originates among the Companies exceeds the common business purpose to acquire aspects of strong cooperation and support, creating a very heart-felt synergy of service and the common aim to reach a mutual satisfaction.
Thanks to these reasons, we believe that our Company can be a valid professional Partner for leading Companies of their business, demanding, who mean to optimize the logistical processes for a rapid but grounded growth.

Our main references are:

  • ADR
  • IMDG
  • RID
  • ADN
  • ISPM15-FAO
  • UNI





Dangerous goods Packaging Solutions 

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