Consultancy Services






As it is known, Dangerous Goods shipments are subject to very restrictive and evolving regulatory constraints.

OVERPACK, in collaboration with the Italian Companies accredited for the training on the road, sea, air and rail transport of Dangerous Goods, offers customized solutions according to the needs of the company and the product sector to which it belongs.

OVERPACK's highly qualified personnel, IATA, IMDG and ADR accredited, thanks to decades of experience in the field of the Dangerous Goods packaging, offers a 360-degree consultancy service, which consists of:

- planning of the packaging suitable for your shipment

- assistance in the classification of your dangerous goods, in compliance with the Regulations in force

- appropriate packaging service in our sites or directly at the Client’s sites

- filling in of your documents (Shipper’s Declaration, Multimodal, ADR)

- correct marking and labelling of the packages

The support which is dedicated to Your single needs is at the center of the attention of our personnel, in a corporate philosophy that puts cooperation and support of the client first.

Our aim is to find the best solution to any criticality, making your shipments suitable to pass any inspection.

Com’è noto le spedizioni di Merci Pericolose sono soggette a vincoli normativi molto restrittivi e in continua evoluzione.