IATA has announced the main changes of the 64th IATA DGR Edition, in force since 1st January 2023.

Here below the most important news:

  • Some provisions concerning dangerous goods carried by passengers have been revised, for instance mobility devices powered by batteries;
  • The obligation of Summary Test for button cells installed in the devices was eliminated for lithium batteries;
  • The net maximum amount per package from “No limit” to 400 kg on cargo aircrafts was modified for UN 2794, UN 2795 e UN 3292;
  • Some entries have been changed in chapter 4. In particular, the deletion of UN1169 and the change of the proper shipping name about UN 1197;
  • In the PI Y963 (consumer commodity) the details of metal and plastic aerosols have been removed and it has been standardized the capacity of 1000 ml for metal containers and 500 ml for plastic ones;
  • PI 870 was modified in order to specify that, when batteries are installed in the devices, the correct classification is UN 3171 Battery – powered equipment and PI 952 must be applied;
  • When the Section IB in the instructions PI 965 and PI 968 is applied, adding to the planned 1.2 meter fall test, the packaging will be capable of withstanding the 3 m stacking test;
  • The lithium battery brand it was reviewed by removing the space for the phone number (not mandatory requirement);
  • The transitional period for the sentence to be included in AWB has been extended   for additional 2 years