Discover our new UN Approved Collar for the packaging of dangerous goods, specifically made for the packaging of lithium batteries.

The Collar is made of planed and dried fir-wood boards, joined to the four corners with hinges fixed with beaten rivets.
The hinges are made of moulded galvanized steel with reinforcing ribs, and in the lower part are completed with pins for inserting the side-panels on the pallet.
The lid made of phenolic plywood or wood fits perfectly inside the folding side-panel by means of suitable rulers, ensuring not only a covering and a complete closure of the box, but also a greater stability and ease of overlapping.

The Collar pallet guarantees a total protection of the contents from light and dust.
The simplicity of assembly, the use of limited storage areas, the resistance and safety are the requirements that allow to save time and space during the packaging and shipping stages of your products.  When folded, in fact, the collar occupies a minimum warehouse space (reducing storage volume from 20 to 1) and has an average life of 8/10 years.

It can be made in standard perimeter sizes or specific sizes, on Customer request. In addition, all the side-panels can be customised.

Choose the new Collar: reusable, stackable, foldable, customisable, economical!