UN approved 4GV fibreboard boxes

They grant easy-fitting and cost-efficient solutions.

UN approved 4GV fibreboard boxes for any kind of transportation of Dangerous Goods, in compliance with the following Regulations:

- ISO 16106:2020 Packaging – Transport packaging for Dangerous Goods, test methods

- UN Recommendation of the transport of Dangerous Goods

- ADR, for road transportation

- IMDG, for maritime transportation

- ICAO-TI (International Civil Aviation Organization – Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by air) and IATA (International Air Transport Association), for air transportation

Designed to ship solids or liquids of Packing Groups I, II, or III, with a validity for any kind of transportation, as per the following chapters: ADR / RID / IMDG / IATA

The aforesaid indications grant the senders the greatest flexibility to use any inner packaging.

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Internal dimensions: 204x204x373 mm
Approval: 4GV/X5/S/...

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Internal dimensions: 177x177x298 mm
Approval: 4GV/X3,5/S/...

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Internal dimensions: 352x340x308 mm
Approval: 4GV/X14/S/...

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Internal dimensions: 588x388x463 mm
Approval: 4GV/X30/S/...

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Internal dimensions: 775x575x410 mm
Approval: 4GV/X85/S/...

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Internal dimensions: 393x393x383 mm
Approval: 4GV/X18/S/...

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