UN approved 4C1 wooden boxes

Designed for the packaging of dangerous goods, the collar has been  UN approved 4C1 especially for the transport of Lithium Batteries. It is built with planned and dried fir wood planks, joined at the 4 corners with hinges fixed with riveted rivets.

The phenolic plywood cover fits perfectly inside the folding side by means of appropriate stops, ensuring a greater stability and ease of overlap in addition to the closure and total protection of the content from light and dust .

Customizable, stackable, foldable and reusable, the collar occupies a minimum storage space (reducing volume from 20 to 1) and has an average life of 8/10 years.

Ease of assembly, strength and safety are the advantages of this packaging, which allows to save time and space during the packaging and shipping of products.

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Internal dimensions: 1750X300X330 MM
Approval: 4C1/Y200/S..

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Internal dimensions: 1150x750x282 mm
Approval: 4C1/Y305/S...

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