Certified fibreboard boxes for Excepted Quantities

It is possible to ship Dangerous Goods in “Excepted Quantities” with a tolerance defined for UN number, taking advantage of special exemptions which differ based on the transport type.

The applicable exemptions concern both the approval of the packaging, which however has to be certified depending on the kind of transportation (2.6.6 IATA - 3.5.3 ADR – 3.5.3 IMDG), and the preparation of the transport documentation, which won’t have to be produced.

It will be mandatory to prepare a triple package, which consists of: inner packaging containing the material to be shipped, inserted in an intermediate packaging, packed in turn in an outer packaging.

NB: Not all UN numbers can be shipped in “Excepted Quantities”.

The boxes are certified for packagings in excepted quantity only if used according to the guidelines indicated in paragraph 2.6 of IATA 56th Edition. To get information concerning the packaging method, kindly contact us!



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Internal dimensions: 177x177x298 mm

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Internal dimensions: 352x340x308 mm

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Internal dimensions: 588x388x463 mm

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Internal dimensions: 393x393x383 mm

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