UN approved 50G and 50D Large Package

UN Approved 50G fibreboard boxes and UN Approved 50D Plywood Boxes, designed for mechanical handling and suitable for packaging dangerous goods with a net mass exceeding 400 kg or a capacity exceeding 450 L (volume not exceeding 3m3)

UN Approved for any kind of transportation of Dangerous Goods, in compliance with the following Regulations:

- ISO 16106:2020 Packaging – Transport packaging for Dangerous Goods, test methods

- UN Recommendation of the transport of Dangerous Goods

- ADR, for road transportation

- IMDG, for maritime transportation

- ICAO-TI (International Civil Aviation Organization – Technical Instruction for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by air) and IATA (International Air Transport Association), for air transportation

Our 50D UN Approved plywood boxes have passed the laboratory testswith 2-way or 4-way palletised bottom.

All our UN Approved 50D plywood boxes comply with ISPM15-FAO Standard.

Our UN 50D Approved collapsible plywood boxes have a locking tongue closure which simplifies the assembling and fixing operations.

Verify that your box complies with the Regulation: it must be indicated on the UN Approval Certification.

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Internal dimensions: 2250x1400x500 mm
Approval: 50D/Y/.../1000

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Internal dimensions: 2800x2000x750 mm
Approval: 50DW/Y/.../1500

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Internal dimensions: 1035x865x793 mm
Approval: 50D/Y2074/S/...

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Internal dimensions: 1860x1000x1020 mm
Approval: 50D/Y/.../1672

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